We provide independent consultancy for water and waste water treatment systems. Click on details button for more Details of consultancy.



Domestic RO

We have also wide range of DOMESTIC RO PLANT FOR DRINKING WATER APPLICATION HAVING CAPACITY OF 10 & 15 lph, fully automatic, autoflushing & imported ro plants.


Commercial RO

Commercial RO Water Treatment Plant uses the reverse osmosis principle to treat water and make it suitable for commercial purposes. The Commercial RO Plant is the most cost effective water treatment system for any commercial establishments.

Industrial RO

All our industrial reverse osmosis Plants are carefully customized and configured to suit the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from normal drinking application to the specific usage.

Packaged Drinking Water

We supply complete solution and equipments for packaged /Bottling RO plant system as per ISI regulations. Click on details button for more Details of Package Drinking Water.


Benifits of pure water

We should pay more attention to the water we drink, as it has important effects on your health. First of all, the title begs the question: what is pure water? Well, to start off with, tap water is not pure water. Pure water is high-quality bottled spring water, or water filtered by a high quality water filter.

Water FiltrationSolutions

  • 1Removes Dirty Water
  • 2Highest Storage Capacity
  • 3Un Matched Service and Support
  • 4Three year warranty
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